10 Best Budget Friendly Plans for Memorial Day 2023

It’s not too late to book a fantastic holiday getaway for Memorial Day Weekend without breaking the bank! The All-American road trip and big outdoor fun is the perfect answer to a three day weekend sure to deliver memories and magic. Let’s face it. You need a break; and you deserve one done right this Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy some super cool, alternative ideas and travel tips below to get you out on the range, open road, mountain, river, or beach. ANYWHERE out of the stuffy city and make this a weekend to remember.

1. Hop in the RV.

If you and your family are still undecided, consider getting a cooler, some card games, and get out on the road. Preferably with your trusty road hog, van, RV, or trailer. There are endless destinations across the West, but some of the finest RV sites are nestled up at Columbia Point Resort, right by Lake Roosevelt, Spokane, and the Canadian border. Did we mention the best time of the year for Walleye fishing is Spring? Whether you’re there to cast, paddle, or play–Lake Roosevelt will not disappoint.

2. Get Lost and Go Fishing

Looking for a memorable extended weekend? Trek out to Cottonwood Camp for a fly fisherman, and hunter’s, paradise! The Spring thaw is fully upon us with a myriad of Rainbow and Brown trout for the taking. Get away on a solo-dolo-man-venture, take the whole family, or plan a spontaneous adventure for your best buds (or gal pals). Just get casting and get on the water. The BigHorn River is sure to deliver quite the catch and one heck of a weekend.

3. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is officially open as of May 12th, 2023! What’s even better? One of the cutest spots to stay in the Teton Valley is just down the road! Teton Peaks Resort. This is a once-in-a-lifetime visit with views, brews, and good grub. PSA re: the park. Some services may be limited due to early season, but it’s the best way to beat the crowds with early travel. Be sure to check the park’s website for the latest information and updates. Enjoy a scenic drive and get there early. You’re sure to spot an amazing array of wildlife of the season emerging from hibernation!

4. Explore the Grand Circle and Escalante, UT

Looking for an extended Memorial Day Weekend? (Call in and play hookie–but you didn’t hear that from us!) The Grand Circle is sure to delight, especially before the super hot weather hits. This magestic tour of the grand parks highlights the splendor of Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the legendary Escalante Grand Staircase. What better way to kick off the summer and all things Memorial Day travel with this epic adventure? Stay at Escalante Cabins & RV as your base camp for adventure this holiday weekend. Bonus points? A Quad and dirt bike riding haven.

5. Hit the beach

Not up for a long drive? We get it. Hit the beach without making your life one, by snagging a nearby getaway. If you’re from the PacNW you’re in luck. A road trip-stretch-away near Portland, Tacoma, and Seattle lies the scenic Pacific Dunes Resort. Get the heck outta dodge and high tail it to the beautiful, breezy, beach. The Pacific Ocean brings miles of uninterrupted dunes to drive, plus clamming, the Olympic National Forest, not to mention the onsite amenities and games! Roast a mallow or crack a cold one by the newly expanded fire pits; most importantly–chill.

6. Try Glamping!

Not your father’s camping, this overnight experience combines nature with luxurious accommodations in the beauty of a well manicured setting. Our glamping sites are fully equipped with comfortable beds, and wood stoves, their own grills, and private fire pits. Glamping is perfect for people who want to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of modern living–like showers, electricity, and comfy beds. AND–no additional packing or planning. Glamping is now available at Pacific Dunes Resort, Cottonwood Camp, and Teton Peaks Resort.

7. Grand Teton National Forest

WHEN IN WYOMING (or Eastern Idaho)…you have GOT to make a trip to the Teton National Forest. Located just north of Jackson, Wyoming and the Teton Valley, lies a nature and outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Enjoy hiking, boating, rock climbing, wildlife tours, and much more. It’s minutes from gourmet dining and ‘big Western city life’ too. 😉 Need help booking? Hit up Teton Peaks Resort.


Idaho boasts more hot springs than any other state in the great 50. Our favorite? Gold Bug Hot Springs in Salmon, Idaho. It’s just a quick trip down the road from Sacajawea Inn, and features rock-walled pools made of river rock, with sand and gravel bottoms. Nestled in the banks of the South Fork of the Payette River, this is a kodak moment you don’t want to skip. Goldbug Hot Springs is located just south of Salmon, Idaho near mile marker 282 on Highway 93. The trailhead is accessed by a dirt road on the Salmon River

9. Visit the Olympic National Forest

For a scenic getaway in the shade, the Olympic National Forest is top-tier. The forest is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including black bears, elk, deer, mountain goats, and even bald eagles. Take a break from your day trek to enjoy breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, cascading waterfalls, and lush green forests. The Olympic National Forest is home to three distinct ecosystems. The Pacific coastline, the Olympic Mountains, and the temperate rainforest–each with its unique flora and fauna. Stay and play at nearby Pacific Dunes Resort to get the best of the whole Olympic Peninsula.

10. Tiny home–big adventure!

Looking for something that says airbnb comfort but RV type of fun? Tiny homes offer all the amenities and privacy of a full home with a tiny footprint. Hot showers in unit, full kitchen, dining, comfy beds, crisp linens, and no shared walls or halls! We know you’ll love getting cute and cozy this Memorial Day weekend–it’s perfect for privacy seeking couples or families that want to keep their young ones close. FUN! Book a tiny home stay on the Washington Coast or Teton Valley. (You can thank us later.)

Remember, an awesome, cost-friendly holiday is all about planning! Memorial Day Weekend is a popular time for travel, so book your accommodations now to secure the best deals and availability.

Here are some final pro tips to maximize your upcoming trip!

  1. Be flexible: Choose travel dates before or after the weekend peak.

  2. Pack smart. Pack light and only bring what you need to avoid paying extra baggage fees (if you’re flying), and maximize space and fun!

  3. Avoid peak travel times during the day. Consider leaving early in the morning or late at night to beat the rush.

  4. Bring snacks and entertainment. Long car rides = a need for snacks, water, and entertainment like books, magazines, or games to make the journey more enjoyable.

  5. Don’t forget to check out local events and attractions in your destination area! (We can always help, just drop us a line.) With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can make this Memorial Day Weekend one to remember.

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